The Mobile Gateway

July 13, 2008

I got this image from Nokia’s paper on Nanotech which I found on the new blog of Nokia’s CTO. It is the first time I have seen Nokia use model of a future vision after the well known Fixed Mobile Convergence model Nokia used last decade.

I really like the two sides of this model: LOCAL and GLOBAL. Showing the contextual part and the virtual part. It opens a complete new business for Nokia.

This must be so liberating for Nokia to finally have a vision to pursue. Hopefully it will bring Nokia out of the defensive chair and into a new ‘game changing’ era of innovation.

Personally I use the below slide to show the next step after hooking the internet onto the mobile phone. Due to a lack of the correct term I call it the contextual services phase. Basically adding the LOCAL part of Nokia’s vision.


2 Responses to “The Mobile Gateway”

  1. Hi, I just discovered this blog. Very nice, thanks; I just subscribed to it.

    Thanks for pointer above; totally agree w/ it; first on the local-global (web) view where the handset serves as the local terminal, and gateway between local sensors and more advanced (aggregated) services on the web (global). And I like your last slide on the phases or evolution of handset usage from communication to contextual services, expect today and next is really an aggregate of all before; communicate + internet + contextual all == better communicate/share/consume information. Cheers,


  2. Raimo Says:

    Hi CEO,

    See that you are organizng MoMo Austin. Well we are from MoMo Amsterdam.. hehe 😉
    Thanks for subscribing an maybe I will see you in Stockholm in october..


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