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Android fuels innovation in hardware

August 6, 2008

Nice video I found via OpenGardens about Android running on a relative simple and old piece of LINUX hardware from E28 (yes existing hardware!!). This video for me really shows what we can expect with these open OS platforms.

I expect a lot of innovation around hardware. Just imagine all these (chinese) manufacturers trying to get a grip on the handset market. All without brands and no differentiation on the OS and application layer. This means the hardware will be a key differentiator. So more micro segmentation(designed by and for niche markets), more models in general, new materials, new formfactors, hybrids, transformers and also higher replacement rates. We will become very picky about the design of a phone.

Intention Broadcasting(The Definition)

July 31, 2008

On Mobile 2.0 event in Barcelona last month I came in contact with Zipiko.  A fairly simple and well designed service helping people to plan “get togethers” . They call this Intention Broadcasting.

The definition used by Zipipop the mother organization is as follows:
” Intention Broadcasting is the process of spreading awareness of your intentions via information and communication technologies. Think status messaging with an emphasis on the future. An intention broadcasting system should also contain a feedback loop that can directly affect the intentions.”

Never realised that future plans are also a part of your personal context hence relevant for mobile. Your intentions as social objects. Great Find!

They also have a fantastic blog:

Word of the day: pertinence

July 9, 2008

Via Putting People First

Pertinence is about “disclosing information that is timely and as ‘in context’ as possible”. To define this better, they refer to the ‘movement’ metaphor that Matt Webb of Schulze & Webb recently described in a talk. Webb posits that we are moving from a web of ‘places’ to “something more like a web of organisms or engines connecting and fuelling each other”.

So the issue here is to show small pieces of information in the right context at the right time, “delivered in increasingly pertinent ways, depending on our habits and contexts”.


July 9, 2008

Have you seen CitySense already? Without ‘reading’ anything of this application, I just got it just by looking at it. This snapshot understanding of information is just crucial in mobile.

The strange thing of the mobile medium is that you are actually designing to have people use your service as short as possible. We are still in the beginning of this new visual snapshot language.