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Jeppe is cool!

August 11, 2008

Just read a post at about Jeppe. Incredible how Plug and Play the world is becoming….

Jeppe is built with modest components but still has quite a range of functionality

This is what Jeppe can do (as of July 2008):

  • Make video calls with two-way audio, one-way video (from Jeppe to controller)
  • Move according to six pre-defined gestures
  • Move around when controlled with a Nokia Internet Tablet in the same WLAN: not remotely, yet

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Skyfire coming to S60

July 31, 2008

I just saw the first demo of Skyfire on a S60 device. Very impressive. Love it that it shows video in the browser and supports AJAX. As we are working with a broadcaster this is something we find really interesting! Have a look at the video. Will Skyfire become the firefox in mobile? Is Opera sleeping?

Is being “connected” becoming a “sense”?

July 13, 2008

With all the possibilities of communication, location based services plus the growing penetration and low costs of anything mobile the notion of being connected will result in a paradigm shift. It is the food we need to develop, to grow and to create. It is a new sense. And not just in Europe…

JP Rangaswami on his blog Confused of Calcutta gave me the title for this post and has good thoughts on this:

You see, I think connectivity, particularly ubiquitous always-on mobile connectivity, can make a real difference in terms of health, education and welfare, and that it can make a difference today. The days of “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” and “there is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home” are long gone. Today the BRICS have bricks in their hands, the bricks are getting smaller and they’re always on.

Too often, when people try and make this point, the objections are common and predictable. “You don’t get it, these people need food first. They’re starving.”. And so the debate about connectivity gets waylaid. Ironically, this is often done by people who then pump up the volume about the importance of biofuels in solving the energy crisis…. the same biofuels that then drive grain prices up and make staple food harder to afford for many people…..but that’s another debate.

All I was thinking was this. Is connectivity becoming like sight and hearing and speech and mobility? And if so what does that mean for the endless debates we appear to be having about what the internet and the web are?