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Jeppe is cool!

August 11, 2008

Just read a post at about Jeppe. Incredible how Plug and Play the world is becoming….

Jeppe is built with modest components but still has quite a range of functionality

This is what Jeppe can do (as of July 2008):

  • Make video calls with two-way audio, one-way video (from Jeppe to controller)
  • Move according to six pre-defined gestures
  • Move around when controlled with a Nokia Internet Tablet in the same WLAN: not remotely, yet

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Demo of the NOS Mobiel Olympics client

August 11, 2008

I got some requests from people to upload a demonstration video of the Olympics Mobile Application which is part of NOS Mobiel.

Well here it is..

Shot with my N95 (sorry)

Will try to get a decent quality movie up here soon.

Mobile Olympics application LIVE! ;-)

August 6, 2008

As some of you know we work for NOS, the dutch news and sport broadcaster. I have been busy last months to build a great mobile application for them called NOS Mobiel. On top of this application we also developed an Olympics application (which is integrated in the navigation of NOS Mobiel the coming weeks). I must say that I am very proud of the result. Together with the NOS team, Triple IT (video encoding) and the client platform (WeComm) we made a hell of an application 😉

So what content is in this application?

  • Newsfeeds(dutch and general)
  • Radio Olympia
  • Programming (what is LIVE now and what is next?)
  • 12 livestreams straight from Beijing (with adaptive and fastchannel switching, streams are 115kb and 200kb 3gp streams)
  • Dynamic screenshotsof from the live streams(refreshed every 3 minutes)
  • Video on Demand (Highlights, ceremonies)
  • Medalscore
  • and some really fancy interaction elements..

Today we launched. Have a look at the screenshots. Video can be only watched by people in Netherlands IP range

For the dutchpeople:

download via



Learning from the Future: Jyri Engeström – Nodal Points

August 2, 2008

UPDATE: Download the version above in M4V format (470mb). Or watch the keynote registration by the organization with beter audio on Youtube.

In 40 minutes Jyri Engeström builds upon his ideas of social objects and social peripheral vision. He adds the idea of nodal points.

Jyri is co-founder of Jaiku, a microblogging service acquired by Google in 2007. Before he was Senior Product Manager at Nokia. He runs the Aula conference. Jyri holds a Master’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Helsinki and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Lancaster University Management School.

The presentation (its from ReBoot10 and as far as i can see the same)

Registration of his social objects and social peripheral vision presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam
РJyri Engestr̦m website and blog
His Bio
The conference The Web and Beyond

About this series
Learning from the Future is a video series with people known for their forward thinking. Inspired by the book Theory U and started at Le Web 3 2007. Other episodes, with Doc Searls, Nova Spivack, Hans Rosling and more can be found here.

This registration was made with minimal tools. Recorded in Amsterdam at the CHI conference: The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility in Amsterdam in may 2008.

Skyfire coming to S60

July 31, 2008

I just saw the first demo of Skyfire on a S60 device. Very impressive. Love it that it shows video in the browser and supports AJAX. As we are working with a broadcaster this is something we find really interesting! Have a look at the video. Will Skyfire become the firefox in mobile? Is Opera sleeping?

Short Video: Is It a Phone or a Magic Wand?

July 9, 2008

The history and Future of Mobile handsets in a 3 minute video. Found via Bruce Sterling at Tarina.

The future of mobile phones is perhaps… not a mobile phone at all, but rather a contextually aware and active mobile magic wand. It’s not about skins anymore. Not even about features, open source, multi-touch or iPhoney. It’s about who is going to make the device interact with your environment as well as capturing it in context. It’s a wand, I tell you. You know what, it’s going to talk with the clouds rather than with native applications. It might or might not link with the global brain.

But what I know for sure, it’s going to combine cloud computing, augmented reality and the internet of things in a meaningful way.

Kooaba Visual search on iPhone

July 9, 2008

Ok.. this is impressive..

My question is just how are these image recognition companies survive? Isn’t this a function that Nokia should (and will) incorporate in their phones.