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Learning from the Future: Jyri Engeström – Nodal Points

August 2, 2008

UPDATE: Download the version above in M4V format (470mb). Or watch the keynote registration by the organization with beter audio on Youtube.

In 40 minutes Jyri Engeström builds upon his ideas of social objects and social peripheral vision. He adds the idea of nodal points.

Jyri is co-founder of Jaiku, a microblogging service acquired by Google in 2007. Before he was Senior Product Manager at Nokia. He runs the Aula conference. Jyri holds a Master’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Helsinki and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Lancaster University Management School.

The presentation (its from ReBoot10 and as far as i can see the same)

Registration of his social objects and social peripheral vision presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam
– Jyri Engeström website and blog
His Bio
The conference The Web and Beyond

About this series
Learning from the Future is a video series with people known for their forward thinking. Inspired by the book Theory U and started at Le Web 3 2007. Other episodes, with Doc Searls, Nova Spivack, Hans Rosling and more can be found here.

This registration was made with minimal tools. Recorded in Amsterdam at the CHI conference: The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility in Amsterdam in may 2008.